São Paulo, Brazil, October 11, 2016 – GPA [BM&FBOVESPA: PCAR4 (PN); NYSE: CBD] announces its sales performance in the third quarter of 2016.

GPA posts net sales of R$ 15.1 billion, supported by:

– Acceleration of the Food Businesses, which grew 14.0% in the quarter (vs. 9.8% in 1H16), driven by sharper growth at Extra and Assaí

– Performance of same-store sales of the food categories in the Group reached 11.4% growth

– Continuous recovery in Via Varejo, with same-store sales of 1.8%, above market performance (PMC)


– Net sales of R$ 3.7 billion, a significant increase of 45.7%;

– Double-digit same-store sales growth compared to 1H16, driven by the strong double-digit growth in customer traffic;

– Share of Food segment sales increases to 37% (vs. 29% in 3Q15);

– Inauguration of 3 stores in the quarter, 9 stores under construction, including 2 conversions of Extra Hiper.


– Extra Hiper and Super confirm sales recovery trend, underlining the assertiveness of the commercial actions launched in 2Q16;

  • Accelerated growth of same-store sales in food categories, with growth above 6% (vs. approx. 1% in 1H16);
  • Increase in volume with gain in market share at Extra Hiper in the last 5 measurements (April to August);
  • – Recovery of non-food categories, despite their continued negative performance, in line with the market.

– Pão de Açúcar maintained sales trend in relation to 1H16, sustaining the market share:

  • Banner birthday campaign in August presented the best growth in the year
  • The “Mais” program continues to grow its share in sales and is now approx. 73% (vs 65% in 3Q15).

– Proximity registered double-digit total growth, and same-store sales growth in line with inflation, with gains in market share:

  • Aliados Compre Bem format already has over 40 stores in operation and is expected to reach around 100 stores by the end of 2016;
  • Continued prioritization of higher-return formats with expansions and conversions to Minuto Pão de Açúcar.


– Continued recovery in growth of same-store sales shows the capacity of Via Varejo to adapt to current market conditions;

– Solid share of mobile and financial services deserve special mention;

– Maintenance of share of total market at a level comparable to the highest historical records.


– Continuous expansion in marketplace as a share of GMV to 21.2% (+926 bps vs. 3Q15). Year to date, the expansion is 830 bps;

– Traffic in the quarter was stable in relation to 3Q15 at 210.8 million visits.

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