São Paulo, October 2nd, 2015 – Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“CBD“) hereby inform their shareholders and the market a reorganization of its structure and Peter Paul Estermann takes office as CEO of Via Varejo. Libano Barroso, so far CEO of Via Varejo, takes the newly created position of Vice President of Operations of GPA.

Peter Estermann, an engineer post-graduated from Harvard Business School, assumes as CEO of Via Varejo after a period of one year and three months ahead of the Vice Presidency of Infrastructure and Strategic Development of GPA – this area ceases to exist as a result of such reorganization. The main duties of Estermann ahead of Via Varejo are the continuation and implementation of new actions to accelerate sales and to reduce expenses, increasing the company’s operational efficiency.

“The position of Peter Estermann as a leader in the integration process between the companies of GPA gives him a deep knowledge of the group’s businesses, including Via Varejo. This inner experience, added to the ‘turn around’ processes conducted by the executive in large companies in Brazil and abroad gives us confidence that we will succeed in implementing the plans and obtaining the expected advances”, said Iabrudi.

The creation of the Vice Presidency of Operations stems from advances verified in the processes of integration between the companies of the group and starts to gather all the areas and projects with scope common to all the group‘s businesses. Ahead of the Vice Presidency of Operations, Líbano Barroso will lead the areas of strategic planning, commercial, logistics, IT, customer relations, shared purchase and services center and marketing. Besides these activities, it is part of this structure the conduction the of the synergies fronts, promoting the exchange of best practices between all the Company‘s businesses, including the Group Exito.

“Líbano Barroso made an important work in Via Varejo and strengthened the company‘s leadership position in its segment. This experience, added to the history of the executive in GPA and, previously, in integrating businesses in Latin America, will be very important to advance on the objectives and plans set out in this new structure” said Ronaldo Iabrudi, CEO of GPA.

During the month of October, Líbano Barroso and Peter Estermann will lead together the processes of integration in GPA and Via Varejo.

To access the Notice to the Market in PDF format, click here.