Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“Company”) hereby communicates to its shareholders and to the market that, on this date, the following executives resign from their positions at the Company: Caio Mattar, Executive Vice-President of Specialized Businesses and Chairman of Nova Pontocom Comércio Eletrônico S.A. (“Nova Pontocom”), Hugo Bethlem, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Relations, and Sylvia Leão, Vice-President of Human Resources.

The Company thanks the above mentioned officers for their seriousness, professionalism and contribution for the good results of the Company.

The Specialized Businesses area will be reorganized as follows. Alexandre Vasconcellos remains as CEO of GPA Malls & Properties. The businesses of Drugstores and Gas Stations will be transferred to the Retail Division, under responsibility of José Roberto Tambasco, Company’s Executive Vice-President of Retail Business.

Ramatis Rodrigues, Executive Vice-President of Commercial Strategy, Marketing, Supply Chain and IT, will be appointed as Chairman of Nova Pontocom’s Board of Directors.

Vitor Fagá takes over as Corporate Relations executive officer. Vitor will accumulate the position of Investor Relations Officer.

Finally, Enéas Pestana, the Company’s CEO, will be responsible, on an interim basis, for the Human Resources department, until the selection of a new executive officer has been concluded.

The Company strengthens its commitment towards high standards of corporate governance and a solid capital structure, with professional management team, which enable it to promote sustainable growth with continuous improvement in its results, always on behalf of its employees, consumers, suppliers, shareholders and Brazilian society.

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