Notice to the Market

Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“CBD”), in compliance with the provisions of Article 12 of CVM Ruling No. 358/02, as amended and in force, with the purpose of keeping the market properly informed, and in addition to the notices to the market published on March 22, 2012 and May 15, 2012, hereby communicates to its shareholders and to the market that it has received, on the date hereof, a correspondence from the shareholder Casino, Guichard]Perrachon, according to which is was informed about the remittance of a letter to the shareholder Abilio Diniz, indicating the names and qualification of the three new members of the Board of Directors of CBD which shall be elected in the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on June 22, 2012, as follows: Roberto de Oliveira Lima, Eleazar de Carvalho Filho and Luiz Augusto de Castro Neves.

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