Notice to the Market

Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“CBD”), pursuant to Article 3 of Ruling 358, issued by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (“CVM”), on January 3, 2002, in light of the statements made in the press by Família Klein and its counselors of a potential controversy related to the association for the creation of Via Varejo S.A. (former Globex Utilidades S.A.), hereby discloses to the market that:

1. The financial statements of Via Varejo S.A. are audited by Ernst&Young. The financial statements of June 30, 2010, the base date of the association, were audited and object of an accounting report on the same date.

2. KPMG is conducting works of specific scope, determined by the Board of Directors of Via Varejo S.A., with the full support of CBD. Such works are being carried out at Globex, Nova Casas Bahia, Nova PontoCom and Indústria de Móveis Bartira Ltda., and are still ongoing.

3. With respect to the document referred to by the counselors of Família Klein, we clarify that it does not contain any reference to any accounting inconsistency or mistake in the financial statements of Globex Utilidades S.A.. In that sense, the use of preliminary information, out of their context, as well as any conclusion or speculation relating thereto is reckless, hasty, distorted and harmful.

4. The association that created Via Varejo S.A. is irrevocable from a legal standpoint, as it regards its existence as well as it regards its control characteristics, and any speculation to the contrary is harmful to the interests of CBD and Via Varejo S.A., both publicly held companies.

5. CBD has already notified Família Klein and treats the matter with the maximum attention and seriousness, and shall adopt the required measures and take the applicable decisions based on consolidated information and in the appropriate moment.

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