Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“Company”) hereby discloses that it was informed on March, 17th 2016 by Carmignac Gestion (“Carmignac”) that, acting for and on behalf of the mutual funds Carmignac Patrimoine, Carmignac Investissement, Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine, Carmignac Portfolio Investissement and Carmignac Portfolio Investissement Latitude, Carmignac’s interest in the Company, as of March 16th 2016, added up to 13,576,698 preferred shares (3,695,117 directly and 9,881,581 through derivatives) corresponding to 5.11% of the total preferred shares of the Company.

Carmignac also informed that the investment in the Company is for trading purposes and they do not intend to alter the composition of the control or the administrative structures of the Company.

São Paulo, March, 18th 2016.

Daniela Sabbag
Investor Relations Officer