CNPJ/MF 47.508.411/0001-56
NIRE 35.300.089.901


In compliance with article 30 of CVM Rule No 480/09, as amended, the Company hereby provides the information required in the Exhibit 30-XXXII of such Rule, regarding the capital increase approved by the Company’s board of directors on this date, due to the exercise of stock options granted to certain employees under the Company’s stock option plans, as follows:

1. Date of the shareholders meeting in which the stock option plan was approved

On May 9, 2014 our shareholders approved, in an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting (i) discontinuing the Stock Option Plan “Ações com Açúcar” (“Former Stock Option Plan“), which had been approved in an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held on December 20, 2006, regarding the granting of new stock options, without prejudice to stock options already granted which remained in force under the same terms and conditions; (ii) the creation of a Stock Option Plan and its standard option agreement (“Stock Option Plan“); and (iii) the creation of a Remuneration in Stock Option Plan and its standard option agreement (“Remuneration Plan“, alongside with the Old Stock Option Plan and the Stock Option Plan, the “Plans“). All shares issued in the capital increase approved herein derive from the Plans.

2. Amount of the capital increase and new capital stock

The capital increase will be in the amount of thirty-nine thousand nine-hundred and one Brazilian Reais and ninety-eight cents (R$ 39,901.98).

The Company’s capital stock after the increase will sum up to the total amount of six-billion eight-hundred six million one-hundred twenty-nine thousand three-hundred sixty-six Brazilian Reais and seventy-nine cents (R$ 6,806,129,366.79).

3. Number of shares issued of each type and class

This increase capital increase comprises the issuance of one-thousand nine-hundred thirty-four (1,934) preferred shares.

4. Issuance price of the new shares

(i) exercise of series A6 Silver: R$ 64.13

(ii) exercise of series A6 Gold: R$ 0.01

(iii) exercise of series B1: R$ 0.01

(iv) exercise of series B2: R$ 0.01

5. Price of each type and class of the issuer’s shares in the markets in which they are traded:

Preferred Shares (PCAR4)

a) minimum, average and maximum price in each year for the last three (3) years

2014 2013 2012
Average R$ 103.46 R$ 102.20 R$ 83.80
Maximum R$ 115.00 R$ 114.70 R$ 98.19
Minimum R$ 92.30 R$ 88.67 R$ 66.00

b) minimum, average and maximum price in each quarter of year for the last two (2) years

3Q15 2Q15 1Q15 4Q14 3Q14 2Q14 1Q14 4Q13
Average R$ 65.43 R$ 90.71 R$ 93.74 R$ 103.12 R$ 109.80 R$ 104.49 R$ 96.41 R$ 106.44
Maximum R$ 75.30 R$ 102.69 R$ 98.90 R$ 112.00 R$ 115.00 R$ 109.09 R$ 103.65 R$ 111.10
Minimum R$ 48.76 R$ 73.30 R$ 88.47 R$ 95.80 R$ 102.39 R$ 99.95 R$ 92.30 R$ 100.30

c) minimum, average and maximum price in each month for the last six (6) months

nov/15 oct/15 sep/15 aug/15 jul/15 jun/15
Average 52,90 R$ 52.23 R$ 57.56 R$ 66.05 R$ 72.36 R$ 80.85
Maximum 54,52 R$ 58.80 R$ 64.40 R$ 72.65 R$ 75.30 R$ 85.31
Minumum 49,00 R$ 49.76 R$ 48.76 R$ 60.55 R$ 66.80 R$ 73.30

d) average price for the last ninety (90) days

Average R$ 51.46

Common Shares (PCAR3)

The last trading involving ordinary shares issued by the Company was registered in December 16th, 2015, at a price of R$ 45.70.

6. Percentage of potential dilution resulting from the issuance

Percentage of dilution of 0.47%