Given that the period for exercising the subscription of the first round of unsold sharesfor the capital increase approved at the Annual and Special Shareholders Meeting held on April 17 of 2013(“AGOE”) has ended, it was counted two hundred and sixty three (263) of unsold preferred shares. Such shares were subscribed by the controlling shareholder Wilkes Participações S/A (“Wilkes”), under the terms of the agreement established by Wilkes to subscribe, additionally the shares corresponding its preferred rights, the whole unsold shares not subscribed or reserved by any of the further Company’s shareholders.

In addition, the two hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred sixty-eight (299.968) preferred shares issued by the Company, by means of the AGOE, shall enjoy the interim dividends brought by the Board of Directors Meeting held on April 25, 2013, referred to the first quarter of 2013, on the worth value of R$0.13 per preferred share, which payment shall be made at June 24, 2013.

Any further clarifications may be addressed by means of the phone number (11) 3886-0421 or by the e-mail address

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