São Paulo, August 08th, 2016 – Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“Company” or “CBD”), in compliance with the provisions of Article 157, Paragraph Four, of Law No. 6,404/1976 and of CVM Rule No. 358/2002, and in addition to the Notice of Material Fact released on May 11, 2016, hereby informs its shareholders and the market the following:

After the analysis of the reorganization project for integration of the e-commerce business developed by Cnova Comércio Eletrônico S.A. (“Cnova Brazil”), a Brazilian subsidiary of Cnova N.V. (“Cnova NV”), to the business of Via Varejo S.A. (“Via Varejo” and “Reorganization”, respectively), a company controlled by CBD, the CBD Special Committee, created on May 11, 2016 (“CBD Special Committee”), submitted its considerations and conclusions to the Company’s Board of Directors.

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