Material Fact

São Paulo, July 24, 2014 – Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição (“CBD”) and Via Varejo S.A. (“Via Varejo”, together with CBD, the “Companies”), in compliance with the provisions of Article 157, Paragraph Four, of Law No. 6,404, dated as of December 15th, 1976, and of CVM Rule No. 358, dated as of January 3rd, 2002, and in addition to the joint Notices of Material Fact released on May 6th and June 4th, 2014 (“Notices of Material Fact”) hereby inform their shareholders and the market, in connection with the eCommerce Business Combination, the corporate reorganization involving Nova Pontocom Comércio Eletrônico (“Nova”) was completed on the date hereof and Nova’s eCommerce activities were entirely transferred to Cnova N.V. (“Cnova”).

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