Income Report

We inform you that the Income Reports, issued by the bookkeeper of Companhia Brasileira de Distribuição – GPA, will be available on the Digital Correspondence Portal.

What is the Digital Correspondence Portal?
It is a platform where investors can digitally view, save, print and email their earnings reports.

How do I log in for the first time?
1. At the address (, click First Access;
2. Enter your CPF number and date of birth (Individual) or CNPJ and date of foundation (Legal Entity);
3. Choose the option to verify your identity (phone number or email).
4. Enter the code received by email and / or phone and create your personal password;
5. Okay, now you just need to enter your CPF / CNPJ and a new registered password to access your documents.

• Exclusive Service to Investors
(11) 3003-9285 (capitals and metropolitan regions)
0800 7209285 (other locations)
On weekdays from 9am to 6pm.

• Exclusive Service for Income Reports
0800-720-0023 (on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm)

What is the asset bookkeeping service (shares / funds or debentures)?
It is the custody service of your shares / funds or Debentures. The bookkeeper is the institution hired by the company that has shares traded on the stock exchange to carry out custody, updating, coordination of corporate events, payment of dividends, interest on equity or income in the case of FIIs, in addition to also providing assistance to shareholders, so even if you acquire shares through a stockbroker and the shares of the company from which you purchased, Itaú is the bookkeeping bank, Itaú will be responsible for making your Income Reports available.