Our Purpose

Buying and working at GPA both mean having the freedom of choice. Our suppliers enjoy guaranteed demand, our investors are assured of diversification for the best return, and our people have every possibility to exercise their talent, simplifying in order improve, achieving results together, impacting thousands of people to build the future every single day. GPA exists because we know that being able to choose, is always the best choice.


CUSTOMERS‘ POWER OF CHOICE – Everything we do is to be, always, the first choice of our customers.

POWER OF SIMPLIFYING – We simplify our discussions, processes and plans, being pragmatic to ensure that our actions are efficient and take place in the right way.

POWER OF IMPACTING PEOPLE – We value and recognize our power to positively impact the lives of thousands of people, building a better and more diversified society.

POWER OF PERFORMING EACH DAY – Our people are driven by the ability to perform, to work together, to lead proudly market changes and, thus, grow along with our business, building the future every day.