About Us

GPA is Brazil’s largest retailer, with a distribution network comprising over 2,000 points of sale as well as electronic channels. Established in 1948 in São Paulo, it has its head office in the city and operations in 20 Brazilian states and the Federal District. With a strategy of focusing its decisions on customers and better serving them based on their consumer profile in the wide variety of shopping experiences it offers, GPA adopts a multi-business and multi-channel platform with brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce operations divided into five business units: Multivarejo, which operates the supermarket, hypermarket and Minimercado store formats, as well as fuel stations and drugstores under the Pão de Açúcar and Extra banners; Assaí, which operates in the cash-and-carry wholesale segment; Via Varejo, with its brick and mortar electronics and home appliances stores under the Casas Bahia and Pontofrio banners; GPA Malls, which is responsible for managing the real estate assets, expansion projects and new store openings; and the e-commerce segment Cnova, which comprises the operations of Cnova Brazil, Cdiscount in France and their international websites.

Constituted in 1948, the Company has shares listed in São Paulo Stock Exchange (PCAR4) since 1995 and ADR’s in New York Stock Exchange (CBD) since 1997.

Look at GPA’s history:

40‘s - Opening of the Pão de Açúcar pastry shop.

50‘s - Inauguration of two more branches and opening of the first supermarket of the chain.

60‘s -Acquisition of the Sirva-se supermarket chain, expansion of the group and foundation of the International Division, opening GPA’s stores in Portugal, Angola and Spain.

70‘s - Acquisition of the Eletroradiobraz chain, Superbom, Peg-pag and Mercantil and inauguration of the first generation of hypermarkets in Brazil (Jumbo stores and Minibox chain).

80‘s - Creation of the Extra stores, which, in addition to extensive sales areas, offered state-of-the-art technology and a broad range of products.

90‘s - Focus on the Group’s core retail food business, after which it began operating with four store formats: Pão de Açúcar, Extra, Superbox and Eletro.

1995 - In October, the Group went public on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa), raising US$ 112.1 million. This was the first preferred share issue by a food retailer on the Bovespa.

1997 -The Group went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), raising a further US$ 172.5 million (the first ADRs listed on the NYSE by a Brazilian retailer).

1999 -Acquisition of the Peralta de Supermercados chain and association with the French Casino Group, which acquired a 24.5% stake in the Company.

2001 -Acquisition of 26 Supermercados ABC stores in Rio de Janeiro state.

2002 - Acquisition of the Sé Supermercados chain.

2003 -Association with Sendas in the Rio de Janeiro state..

2004 - Foundation of FIC, a partnership between GPA and Itaú, whose aim was to expand the range of financial products and services offered to customers in all of the Group’s stores.

2005 - In order to align the interests of the controlling and minority shareholders, a new holding company was created and control of the Group was divided equally between Abilio Diniz and the Casino Group.

2006 - Creation of the Extra Perto segment, with stores of up to 250 m2, in order to take advantage of the fastest growing retail segment in Brazil: stores with up to four check-outs. The new model was inspired by the European convenience store model.

2007 - The Group formed a partnership with the Assaí "atacarejo" (wholesale/retail) chain.

2008 -Latin America’s first green store was inaugurated in Indaiatuba (Pão de Açúcar Indaiatuba).

2009 -GPA completed the acquisition of the Assaí chain, acquired the Ponto Frio chain (Globex Utilidades S.A.) and associated with Casas Bahia, placing the Group as the largest distribution group in Latin America.

2010 - Inauguration of the first Green Distribution Center, in Brasília, beginning of the project to convert 170 stores of the CompreBem, Sendas and ABC CompreBem formats to the new Extra Supermercado format and completion of the association with Casas Bahia.

2012 - From June 2012, the Company‘s control is held solely by the Casino Group.